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My professor complimented my human biology study techniques and asked me to be her TA. I did not have time to TA for her unfortunately, but I will share my study tips. I got my first A+ in this college class. 1. I did not read the chapters in their entirety because it was overwhelming and too time consuming. 2. I answered all of the review questions and made sure they were correct. I looked up answers online if the book didn't make sense. 3. I studied one or two chapters per week and stuck to it! I would not allow myself to hang out with friends until I finished my work. 4. I allowed myself 20 minute breaks and rewards (non-food) every 2 hours no matter how productive I had been. I set an alarm and wouldn't turn it off until I was actually studying again, to get me back on task. 5. I wrote out all of the vocabulary words and drew large (8.5x11) detailed pictures of any vocabulary word I could. I colored the various parts with colored pencils. 6. I... read more

This is the first blog I've ever written in my life. :-) I want to share the wonderful resource called Math-U-See. My sister struggled with math and this program worked wonders for her. I even had a few "a-ha" moments while helping her with the program. It explained the reasons behind formulas and math concepts in very simple and easy to understand ways. Math-U-See makes math make sense.

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