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I gave the GRE exam back in the year 2009. I secured 720 on verbal and 790 on the quantitative part. I messed up the analytical writing, but I now feel that was due to the nature of my writing and the fact that writing can be subjective. I will try and emphasize on a few points that anybody who is giving the GRE has to focus on in order to give it their best shot. We shall start with the verbal part. The verbal part is supposed to be the more difficult part in the GRE. This is true even for so called native speakers of the English language. Although my verbal score was lower than quants, in percentile I scored 98 on the verbal and 93 on the quants which means a lot of people got clean scores on the quantitative section. Statistics from countries where English is the native language also tend to show that people score more on the quantitative part than the verbal. Mastering the verbal part will require a change in mindset. Its not just about knowing and using English in... read more

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