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First of all, Happy New Year to everyone! I hope the holidays and vacation time have been well. I want to bring to all my students' attention that this is the half- way point in the school year. If you haven't started to take your grades seriously, now is the time. Now is time to start studying for tests more and not slack on any more homework assignments. Time to stop passing notes in class and take notes on the lecture instead. Time to schedule extra tutoring sessions and plan group study sessions. For the juniors and seniors, now is the time to start focusing on those college and university applications too. I have experience in helping write and edit admissions essays via email so if anyone needs anything, feel free to reach out. Like Anne Frank once said, "Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person's character lies in their own hands."

So as Winter Break quickly approaches, I'm sure many parents are checking grades and many students are upset about their winter packets. But there is a positive aspect to this... First of all, I HIGHLY encourage ALL parents to check their child/children's grades before returning to school. January is the half- way point through the school year, and being aware of their progress (or lack of) will give them time to work harder and bring their grades up before the year comes to an end. I know that students are very annoyed by their winter assignments, but I would encourage everyone to get it done as soon as possible in order to enjoy their break. My last suggestion is to review the packets before returning back to school because the material will be fresh in their minds. Even if you aren't given a packet or homework assignment in relation to the material taught in class before the Winter Break, I think it's best for the students to review the last assignments completed before... read more

As mid terms approach for some middle and high schoolers and finals approach for college students, many people are preparing to study excessive material and don't know where to begin. Teachers and parents say to study, but what exactly does studying consist of? By definition, studying is "to apply oneself to the acquisition of knowledge, as by reading, investigation, or practice" ( Let's be honest, that doesn't tell us much. So today, I'm going to do my best to help you prepare for studying. First of all, and most importantly, pay close attention in class so you're aware of the material that will be on your exam. Study guides: If the teacher or professor provides you with a study guide, don't only know the simple answer to the question. Know details surrounding that topic or the given word. Review the surrounding material until you comfortably understand the concept. Vocabulary: Some students do not like flashcards or think they're of no use, but... read more

Hey there! Anybody writing last minute papers for the 9- weeks grading period? How about writing college admissions essays? Or writing a paper for finals in college? The best way to write a paper or essay is twice! Sounds odd, right? I know. But there is ALWAYS room for improvement so it's actually a perfect method to writing a paper or essay. The first time you write it, you can write it semi- specific (using acronyms, abbreviations, and in less detail). The second time you write it, you should create a structure for the paper and follow it! Always include a brief introduction, a sophisticated and detailed body, and a strong conclusion. Your introduction should include an eye- catching opening, background information about the topic you're discussing, and a powerful thesis. Your body paragraph(s) should include specific examples and details supporting your thesis. Your conclusion should include a creative closing that will leave your reader in your favor, rather than being confused... read more

Hi there! Today, I'll be writing to advise students the best ways to prepare for math tests a few days before the test takes place. First of all, studying and reviewing should be done in intervals. It is a terrible idea to jam a study session of multiple sections or chapters at one time. My advice is to break down the material in thirds. For example, if your test is Chapters 6-9, review the material of each chapter individually. After completing one chapter, take a break. Another study tip is to use different methods of studying. For example, if your test is going to be on the vocabulary of the chapters, create flashcards. If your test is multiple choice or fill in the blank, make sure to do several examples from each section, not just the easiest ones. This will ensure you understand the concept being tested. Additionally, and I cannot say this enough, CHECK YOUR WORK! I've tutored several students in the past couple of years who completely understand the work they're... read more

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