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I am a nervous test-taker. Interviews, speaking in front of an audience, and standardized exams all my palms sweaty and my mouth dry. For many students, this feeling of nervousness stems from a lack of confidence in the material being tested. We fear that we didn't study enough, or that we'll be quizzed on items we were never taught by our teachers. I can tell you that SAT test-makers are... read more

Pueda ser que la idea de aprender ingles lo intimida. Para muchos adultos, es una labor de enormes proporciones y muchos acaban antes de empezar. Pero si quiere aprender un segundo idioma, tome el ejemplo de un niño pequeño. Los niños aprenden rápidamente porque no tienen miedo de hacer un error. Nosotros como adultos somos más conscientes y nos da miedo de que nos hagan burla, pero necesitamos... read more

I can't stress how important consistency is to any endeavor, whatever your age. This is particularly true when you are learning a new language. Practicing English everyday, whether it's 15 minutes a day or 4 hours (if you're seeking to achieve fluency within 3-4months), will make a difference that you'll notice right away and will encourage you to keep practicing! Here are a few tips to get... read more

History may sound like a bunch of boring dates and names that you have to memorize as a student. In fact, history learned that way is quite dull. Names and numbers become meaningless if you don't place them in context- that is, if you don't know the stories of those lives and why they're important to history. For example, did you know that we have the Shakers to thank for the flat bottom... read more

My memories of summer vacation during my elementary years are fantastic. I spent large portions of my days playing out in the yard (making a mess, I'm sure my parents thought), eating lots of fruit, and reading piles of books. As I loved school, it was easy for me to avoid the dreaded brain drain through reading. My mother also signed me up for the school's summer program for advanced students,... read more

I've learned that the two most important tools in my ESL bag of tricks are patience and humor. Many students learning a second language are self-conscious-- it's even tougher for those students who have a naturally shy disposition. But I found that these two qualities helped two of my best students in Korea, who seemed terrified of speaking to me the first time I met them. One student was female... read more

Vocabulary learning can be a drag for most children, but not if you make it a contest! Spiders and Candy is a great game that you can always bring out, and that they will never tire of. It works best with a group of 4-6, but it's easily suited to a smaller group of 2-3. When I was teaching in Korea, this was a great game to play because even the shyest students would get competitive. It was... read more