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A lot of users out there ask me "hey what is this thing called Frequency Separation" well it’s basically turns your image into two layers just separating your colors and your texture. . At the bottom is a layer containing the low frequency details (basically a blurred version of the image), and above that is a layer that contains the high frequency details (the "difference" between the blurred layer and the original). Blended together they should be identical to the original (slight differences might occur due to rounding math errors and such). This allows you to edit the two components separately. You can clone/heal fine details like pores without affecting the general shades in an area, or the other way around. You can also decide to blur away medium size details afterwards on the underlying (low frequency) layer probably best to do this on a duplicate layer not on full opacity, and with a mask. This can be called "Band Stop" as it removes a... read more

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