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Katie L.'s Resources


The Math Section of the SAT

I thought I'd share a helpful tip for the Math Section of the SAT.  This tip alone will not only save you time on the test, but also improve your accuracy.  The answers choices in the Math Section of the SAT are usually in ascending or descending order.  Use this to your advantage!    Begin with the answer choice "C" each time.  Once you... read more


My First Blog

So here is my first ever blog entry! I am excited to be among some great tutors and students. I have read a few blogs already and have been inspired. To be honest, I have been looking for an outlet to share ideas and give/get support for tutoring. I think this really adds value because of the nature of the work. So, I am here to talk more about Accounting. I do have a background in Business/Accounting,... read more