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Keeping students motivated

During the summer when there is so much to distract, it can be very hard to keep students motivated. I always like to find something that is a little fun, a math puzzle or a riddle to help with reading. Any assignment that is different and still helps to progress understanding keeps the student interested and understanding the subject.

Writing assignments

I love to help people with their writing assignments. I am a avid reader and so it is very important to me that writing be clear and concise and able to make others understand what is being said. I would always edit papers for my classmates. I was ruthless and the papers were often covered in red pen, but when we worked together to improve, the paper was always easier to read and understand.

Raising grades in Algebra 2

I have worked with an Algebra 2 student and was able to help her raise her test score from a D to a B-. She finally understood what the teacher was talking about.

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