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Sorry but this does not make much sense. There are two equals signs in your denominators. I know that it is very difficult to input math information with this editor, but  please check your symbols, and submit with question again.  Thank you.

I think Vivian has done an excellent job here, and I agree with her assessment of problem 3. The way it is written, it is unsolvable with out more information. However, maybe there was a typo, and it should read: "He plans to read 20 PAGES tomorrow on his crumpet break."  If this...

To make it dead simple, a rational expression is just a fraction with some variables shoved in there, either on top or on the bottom, but usually both. It really is that simple to understand what they are, but working with rational expressions can be quite complicated.

For #1:   To be precise, this is not a polynomial. Polynomial have monomials added together arranged in descending degrees for their variables. This is called a rational expression. What you should do to simplify it, is to just cancel the powers of similar variables on the top and...

Scratch is a wonderful project out of the wonderful school, MIT, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This project is designed to allow children of all ages to learn the basics of programming by hiding the language, and structure of programming behind pretty pictures, called sprites. It also makes adding sound and movement to a presentation very very easy.   So, I have put... read more

Answers 5/3d-3/2=-1/2 (answer)

Sorry Benjamin, You do have a problem at step 3.  5/3(d)  = 1 * 3 does not lead to 5d = 3. It leads to  5 / d = 3. Cancelling the 3 on the bottom does not bring the d to the top of the fraction. Next you would multiply both sides by 1/5. (1/5) 5 / d = 3 (1/5) which...

Jusin I.'s answer is correct. I would just suggest using the letters a (for adult) and c (for children) as the variable names. These will be a better reminder of what the variables mean.  Here is the check that he recommends using these letters. 4s + 2c = 80        Check...

I like Uzair Q's answer the best, but lets give a more general answer and use the correct vocabulary. The equation we are considering is a faction multiplied by a variable on the left side. To clear this faction and get the variable by itself, we multiply by the reciprocal fraction. This is the...

Solving an inequality is largely the same as solving an equation. The graphing is also quite similar. The one, important rule change is that if you divide or multiply by a negative number you should flip the inequality sign to the other direction. For example: -14x > 56  Divide both...

I discovered this week, a free arduino library called TVout. With this code loaded into your arduino compatible board and a simple circuit that just has two resistors, can use any display that will accept standard RCA component video input as your display. For more information go to: If someone would like a lesson on this system I have completed... read more

Yesterday I participated in LA Hackathon 5. For those readers who don't know, a hackathon is a gathering of programmers together to help each other out on computer coding projects. Usually, these projects are "open source". That means that the programs that are being created are given away, freely to the public, and that even the raw computer code, the source code, is available to... read more

I have found a great one at They have accomplished something that I have been wanting to do for a long time. They have developed a system to make it quick and easy to make games and quizzes out of any information that you have on hand and would like to teach. Maybe they could use a little more style, but they are very quick and effective. You can make, flash cards, crosswords,... read more

Many years back I was studying for the CSET math exams, the hardest tests that I have ever taken, without a doubt, bet I created some great flash cards to help me to pass the exam, over 150 of them. Now I am using Corel Draw, and Audacity to make digital copies of these wonderful flash cards and they will be in very standard, low-weight formats. I also have plans to create my own virtual world... read more

This morning I passed the GED and SQL tests. Life is sweet. Yesterday I was at a great event about the Scratch programming language. Scratch is a language for kids to make interactive cartoon movies, but it is closely tied to things that you will find in standard programming languages, such as loops and responding to mouse clicks and playing sound files. It is really cool.

Students have a lot of trouble understanding and mastering negative numbers and how to perform the basic operations on them. Part of the problem, I have noticed, is that students use their ingrained "regular" multiplication skill when trying to find an answer to a negative number math problem. For example, when asked, "What is negative 5 multiplied by 7?" one of the most... read more

I just passed my background check and right away I got a couple of direct emails from interested parents. So, even though there is some expense I think that it will be well worth it. If I were a parent I know that the background check would be a big selling point to me.

In the summer time, maybe you can take a week off from work, and build a row boat with your child. Plans can be had on the Internet for free. Or check out for more project ideas that you could do in 4 life times. Don't be afraid to learn, and to be confused in front of your kid. What kids need to learn most, especially in this information age, is HOW TO LEARN. If you... read more

I gave my first tutoring lesson with WyzAnt yesterday. I had to call their technical support to fully understand how to get paid, but they have live, friendly people right there on the phone and they got me straightened out very quickly. Now I have direct deposit set up and the money from my tutoring session will go right into my account. So far, working with WyzAnt has be a wonderful experience... read more