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do your tutors train at home? (answer)

A match between the tutor's conducting their business and the student's comfort zone would be the ideal. However, there ought be some sort of flexibility in order to reach a compromise. That is to say, a win-win negotiation where neither comes out to inconvenient. It is true that Wyzant...


What animals are self aware? (answer)

Nice. Good question Simone. That kind of question is known as the "The Distribution Question". Because what your trying to explore is, "can we know which animals beside humans are conscious?" It's one that is controversial and STILL arguments on this matter from different...


Why are there different citation styles? (answer)

I. Why so Many Citation Styles vs. Why Cite?     All of the tutors that responded to your question covered it and no reason to echo it. I do want to add that it is just as important to understand "why cite?". Ellie M. and Lauren gave one of the...


How do I conclude an essay? (answer)

The conclusion is very, very important to your essay because the challenge that you have as the writer is to conclude with strength by going beyond just summarizing your main points. Which it is included, but it does not stop short by ending it there. That would be like a dud firecracker...


what is a thesis statement? (answer)

"A thesis statement is one or two sentences that states your goal and the main idea of your paper," (Baugh, page 21). In other words, "the thesis announce your topic and points you want to make about that topic," (Faigley, page 25). It is suppose to be located in...


The Top Three Ways to Intelligent Reading

How Would You Define Reading? How would you personally define reading? It matters very much what reading means to us because our understanding what it is will determine the outcome to what we should expect reading will do for us. Malcom X grasped this when he made this statement, "I suppose it was inevitable that as my word-base broadened, I could for the first time pick up a book... read more