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Home schooling

Hi, If you are home schooling your son/daughter, it might be a good idea to get them back to public school in their junior and senior years of high school. In high school, there are chemistry and physics labs that you do not have at home. Also, getting along with other students and socializing with other students are somethings that most public/private school students know just by being in the school environment. Just a thought, E

Descriptions of Computer Languages and Math Concentrations

Descriptions of Courses. C. C is a very powerful programming language. It was originally developed by Bell Labs for use with the operating system, UNIX. C is very stable and general-purpose. In the schools, C has taken the place of Pascal as a teaching language. In the computer world, many languages and applications are created with C. For example, Javascript is created using C. C was one of the most popular programming languages in the world. Usually jobs programming in C also requires the knowledge of programming in C++. (Mostly, in England, one can get a job knowing only C). Presently, much of the computer world is moving toward C# (C-sharp). Algebra. The difference between Algebra and Arithmetic is in Algebra you can find a number of solutions for an equation. The way you know you are using Algebra is there is a letter or name that represents the solution(s). This letter is your “variable”. Basic Math rules (commutativity, associativity, distributive... read more

How to keep motivated during the summer months

As a college student, most of my classes extended throughout the entire year. I did not take summers off. (Whether this is right for you, is your decision). But, the summer terms (from May to August) and the summer sessions (from May to the end of June and from June to the end of August) were particularly difficult because the same amount of work is squished into a shorter time period. There was only one week between terms to rest, regroup and be ready for the following term. So, the thought that you can graduate early, you can repeat a class that you did not do well in so you don't fall behind on your graduation schedule, or for some other reason that could be your motivating factor. _____ On the flip side, computer classes during the summer are crowded with business people. These students are cut-throat ... for they are paying their tuition by themselves. To skip computer courses during the summer was (in the 1980s) a pretty good option. It may be a... read more

How to start learning a computer language

Learning Computers. For me, the best way to start learning a programming language is to type in the "hello, world" program, exactly as it's printed in your text. If you have errors, you can check with the book. Usually, if I have made a mistake with the "hello, world" program, it will usually be the same mistake as in the first exercise of homework. Another tip is: If you cannot do a problem/ course, you need to buy a simpler book. Do the cooresponding chapter and when you understand it, start on your classrooom text. Also, the beginning of any computer course is always difficult ... but, as you get better, the programming becomes easier. So, pay your dues and put in the time to practice. Just do your best to learn it. Stay tuned, for I will be blogging about what you may need to do if your "simpler" book is too hard for you.

How to keep students motivated during summer months

In my experience, summers were filled with interesting and fun activities. _As a little girl, I went to ballet and tap lessons. ( I was a little bit awkward as a child). :) _Also, as a little girl, I was enrolled in the Carnegie Library summer program where you had to read a number of books. As I got older, my activities changed. _It was during the summers that I learnt how to swim. I also had a gym class (tennis or gymnastics -- I tried some of both). _Also, during the summer months, when I was in junior high, I had piano lessons. These lessons extended into the school years. _I went grocery shopping with my Mom several times a week. During those times, I learnt how to pick fresh fruits and vegetables and meats. During these months, I learnt how to cook and bake. _I learnt how to do laundry. I learnt how to iron clothes. And my mom taught me how to sew. (After I had gone to sleep, my mom ripped out the seams and re-did it. I wasn't very good at that! Lol... read more

Math Anxiety: How to overcome it

One of the colleges I taught (Math) at required all students to write a short essay in APA format. Since Math usually doesn't include writing skills, I chose the topic of Math Anxiety for the students to write about. The criterion the students needed to address on this essay included: 1) What is Math Anxiety? 2) What can you do to improve your study habits? And, 3) Tell me what you are doing now to improve learning, retention and interest. To improve your study habits, one should find a quiet location -- your bedroom, the library, ... You should not limit the length of time you study, uninterrupted. If you have a table and a straight back chair, that will help. Look up on the Internet; find what you can do to help yourself. Practice. Math. For Math, one should never memorize how to do problems. Any change in the numbers will throw you off. And, you should never substitute numbers in for other numbers. There are too many possibilities and you will be exasperated... read more

Why College? When to start to prepare for college -- in high school. Why is here for you.

What you should know about your college career... If you're not sure about matriculating to any school see the article "what college can do". If you want a service job, some of them require an Associates Degree. See which jobs require some college. Getting into a great school requires years of preparation -- getting good grades in junior high and high school. There are honor societies that you may be invited to join. And, be active in the extra-curricular activities and sports (show that you are a well-rounded student). Also, for those who are headed to, say, West Point, I believe you need your congressman to endorse you. Look into it before you need to ask for a recommendation. See "preparing for college" read more

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