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Hello, As a parent of a young child with Autism and other disabilities, I am very empathetic to the needs of parents and children. I was a working mother and wife, who due to circumstances with my son, is not able pursue a typical 9-5 job. Calls from my sons school, medical appointments, and caring for the needs of my son were the reasons I had to leave the school system. I will always love working with children. This lifestyle change was not a setback, but a chance for me to pursue other goals. I have wanted to go to graduate school for many years. I now have that opportunity available to me. I am pursuing my Master's in ABA on line. I also applied for Partners in Policymaking which is a program through the VA Board for People with Disabilities. I was accepted for the class of 2013. I was also accepted to the Va-LEND (Leadership Education on Neuro-developmental Disabilities) through VCU. I have had the opportunity to be a Vice Chair on my local Special Education... read more

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