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I already secured a tutoring position with a literature student and have successfully made arrangements regarding payment and the tutoring schedule. Using the WyzAnt site was so easy. Our emails went back and forth as we hammered out the schedule and assignments and came to an agreement. I mapped out the location using Google Maps, and the student's father also sent me directions, but I still managed to get about 10 miles off the correct road. Luckily I was a bit familiar with the area and knew I had gone too far. So out came my smart phone and using the Navigation app I mapped out the directions back to their home and made it within 15 minutes. Whew! Glad I wasn't completely lost. That is a feeling I can't stand. Since this was a first meeting at a location unknown to me, I made sure to print out the emails with the directions and gave it to my roommate. Better safe than sorry. Please do not take this to mean that these clients were suspect. Far from it! They were... read more

I have just started with the WyzAnt Tutoring site and am finding it very helpful in getting everything set up. Even though I have been tutoring and teaching for several years, I want to expand my tutoring horizons and my online search discovered WyzAnt. The site walked me through selecting my subjects, and the tests were quite thorough in making sure I had an excellent understanding of the subject matter. There is nothing worse than choosing a tutor who has less knowledge of the matter at hand than you do! I would not feel comfortable trying to tutor a student in a topic I was not proficient in, so my students can rest assured I am competent in my listed subjects. If I need to brush up on information to best help one of my students, then I will definitely do so. It has been less than a week and I have set up my profile, tested in my chosen subjects and created my subject descriptions. I have applied for 8 positions to date in English, ESL and TOEFL prep and look forward... read more

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