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Veronica R.'s Resources


Where’s my soulmate? Describe a person: False Beginner

Let’s play and learn! Where’s my soulmate? Describe a person: False Beginner ¿Dónde está mi alma gemela? This is a useful game to learn how to describe a person. First of all the teacher needs to find some pictures of faces of people in a magazine and cut them in half. The students receive a half of the image (there must be at least 4 students in the class… with only two students... read more


Timetable, days of the week, programs: intermediate level

Let’s play and learn! GOING OUT WITH FRIENDS: timetable, days of the week, programs Many of my students like to use internet to learn Spanish. A way to use internet in a more dynamic and interactive way is to teach them how to talk about something they read in internet. In this specific case you can choose a movie theater in Spain, for example in Madrid. That’s how you should organize... read more