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A public speaking student of mine recently took first place in a speech competition. This outstanding young lady knew exactly what she wanted to express in her speech, and needed only minimal guidance on proper public speaking techniques. I believe that the best tutors do not try to force their ideas on others, but are better served in helping the student's own ideas to emerge on their own. A tutor definitely does not want to become autocratic in such situations. I have also been tutoring students in Visual Basic programming techniques as of late. In our app-crazy society, Visual Basic is an extremely useful programming language to master. As in Oral Communication's tutoring, it is essential to evaluate the student's desires in the development of the project, as well as the professor's specifications. A good tutor must check his/her ego at the door and keep an open mind to all parameters of the subject regardless of whether or not they conflict with the tutor's own ideas... read more

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