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I am excited to be teaching Beginning Sewing lessons again. My students will be coming here to learn how to sew and I will take them as far as they want to go. I started sewing when I was a very young when I started sewing my doll clothes. When I was around 10 or 11 I learned how to sew on my grandmother's treadle sewing machine and soon after that I bought a used electric machine with babysitting money. My mother made all of my clothes and out of desperation, I learned to sew my clothing. My mother was not an accomplished seamstress and her seems were crooked and the hems of my garments were never straight. Slacks she made for me were always too short and the hems on each leg did not match. My grandmother was very good with all forms of needlework and taught me well. Her fashion sense was a few decades behind the times, however, so I wanted to learn to sew my own clothes. Since that time, which was over 40 years ago, I have made many garments for myself, family members,... read more

I put this under General Computer, but it goes under all subjects. I am so excited that WyzAnt is going to be providing us with tools for online tutoring. I have had many requests from students who are in different states and even had one from someone who lives in England but goes to school in Texas. He wanted help during the summer while he was home in England, to prepare for classes he would be taking in the Fall. I was unable to assist him at that time, had the new tools been available, I would have been able to. Many schools are done completely online and others offer online classes, it is extremely important that as tutors we are able to keep up with the times. I am proud to have the chance to beta-test these new tools for WyzAnt. I have two MBA's, a BBA, and and Associate Degree. I completed my MBA and BBA completely online. I have also taken many additional classes, both in the traditional classroom, that was enhanced with online learning, and completely online... read more

When I was going to college, I was a non-traditional student. I was 10-15 years older than most of the other students in my classes. The younger students and the Professors were amazed that I was able to balance a full time job, a family, and a full time class schedule, and be successful at all three. Not only was I able to do this successfully, but maintained a 4.0 GPA. I often found myself adding more to my, already full plate. I was called upon to mentor and tutor struggling students, which I did without hesitation. For me, tutoring and mentoring is fulfilling and rewarding. Most of the time, the subject matter was not the problem, it was study habits. Being young and less focused on the future as I was, they were trying to mix social activities with studying and this just does not work unless the social activity is based on the subject at hand. When young college students gather in study groups of more than two or three people, it is almost impossible to keep on track... read more

My student and I met at the Sugar Land Branch Library for our first lesson. As will be the case with all of my new students, we started out with a study skills assessment to determine which of the three types of learner she was. By doing this, I can tailor future lessons especially for her learning type. She is an Auditory learner, which means that she learns best by hearing and then applying. Therefore, her future lessons will begin with our verbally communicating about the topic before we work on the written exercises. We will include videos, where possible so she can combine not only a visual explanation, but also a verbal one with her lesson. Once I feel she has an understanding of the topic, we will move onto the Tactile/Kinetic approach by doing the written exercises. This is the hands-on approach. Prior to her assessment, she felt that she would benefit from all three approaches. From her answers to the assessment, I see that she probably is correct, however, she leans... read more

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