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Have you ever watched a band and found yourself thinking..."man, they are so boring to watch" The singer is invisible, the players are just doing "their thing", not really engaging with the crowd. Although the audience might really dig the band, the band just becomes background music, people start talking, going to the bar, not really paying attention and BAM! ... you lost 'em. So what do you do??? Let's assume your music doesn't suck! ;) PUT ON A SHOW!!!! Engage your fans! Introduce yourself, tell them to clap, sing along, say hello after the show, grab your CD. (And you can do that in a very creative/theatrical way) If you have a message, keep it short and too the point. Cover a hot track that everyone loves, that will warm 'em up and grab their attention. The truth is, talent is just a small portion of success. It's a combination of talent, personality, chemistry and a unique identity. We are all attracted to things we connect with. Think of... read more

When we think of singing, we often think it's "complicated," "technical" and "hard." Many singers look up when singing high notes and get throaty sounding when reaching for low notes. Why is that? They think! If you must think, think the opposite! When you reach for high notes, think down, and when you reach for low notes think high! But remember how I stated "if you must think"??? We don't want to think about "reaching" for notes when we're singing. When you put emotion and meaning into what you are actually singing, you won't be thinking about the technical stuff. That's when the magic begins and you realize that singing is and always should be as effortless as speaking! So go ahead, try it intentionally to think the opposite, than after you feel how much easier it is, forget about it and just live the song! Let your heart and soul sing! Obviously there's more to it than just this little article and I go more into detail... read more

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