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I believe in compassionate tutoring or teaching. It's the satisfaction of knowing that students are comfortable coming to you with questions. What’s tormenting is when people blow you off during dire times. One has to realize that not all students are on the same level. What if you were entirely helpless and the person you approached snubbed you for your "lack" of whatever and brushed you off like an unpleasant insect? Don’t get me wrong, being compassionate doesn’t mean you let students control you or take advantage of you due to their own indolence. But before making assumptions, probe further to see why they have difficulty comprehending the material. You were a struggling student at some point too who may have been curtly chastised by an instructor who directed you back to the books. What’s worse is that you really did poke your nose in those books yet learned nothing. Or in another case, perhaps you were warmly assisted by a teacher who addressed your weak areas... read more

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