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I was watching the Olympic games last night thinking ... what a beautiful experience, all these countries reunited under 1 roof sharing the same goal, such a healthy and rewarding event. What a great opportunity to build new relationships for life ... what language will they communicate on we all know ... English ... but ... how great would it be to connect in more than 1 way? I have always been an advocate of bilingual education. I think that it is a great way of supporting the students throughout their learning process. I believe that children who speak more than one language develop better cognitive skills, learn new things faster and are also at an advantage in the current globalized job market. Please do not wait, let them soak into the language since their early ages, since they are babies, that way it would be natural to them. Some of the benefits of learning a second language at an early age: - Has a positive effect on intellectual growth and enriches... read more

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