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Having taught at a foreign language school in Florida, I've worked with Korean, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, French, and German students! It's like traveling to another country! We learn new cultures, and that is fun! Join me this summer for a tour of America in our class! Sincerely, Bonny

You don't need a teaching degree to effectively teach! I'm not knocking certified teachers. I learned teaching while working as a substitute teacher and as a broadcast-media sales representative. As a mother, I had to learn to help with homework! I'm not a baby-boomer! We did things the hard way (before dishwashers!). And we were achievers! Now I can pass those good habits on to my students! Whatever you do, do it with excellence!

Why did I choose to teach via WyzAnt? It seems that people trust screening agencies today! We want someone to do the background research for us! From the web search, I found this placement company. It's easier that way to market my services, so it seems! Be my first student or group or students! My local and international references are excellent! I love to teach! My students become my friends! Sincerely, Bonny

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