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English is a weird language

I bought a friend of mine a t-shirt that says "English is a weird language. It knocks down other languages in dark alleys and riffles through their pockets looking for loose phrases." Being that she was a historian AND literature fiend, she found the shirt absolutely hilarious. I found the sentiment on the shirt completely true. English IS a weird language and to learn it as a second language, especially if you are an adult when doing so, is doubly hard. Some of my college students who are learning English for the first time have told me just strange English is to learn. The look on their face many times is that of "Why? Why is it this way?" I normally don't have answer for them. What would I say? No? English is a totally normal language? That would not be true. However odd English is, once people learn it, they understand it. That understanding is reflected in their speech and their writing. I can always tell when one of my students has grasped... read more

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