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Summer Education

Summer tutoring is a time to enrich education with the thought of preventing gaps and building bridges to get a head start. Improving grades and building skills should be a continuous process to keep the spark/creativity in motion. Reserve a place, in advance for July/August sessions. "See you soon."

Motivation High during Summer Months!!

Everyone wants to be student of the month every month. Why not practice school subject skills during the summer so those skills are excellent. Start collecting those student of the month certificates this year!!! Way to go!!!

School Assignments and Technology

The best way to make use of technology and its advances through the years, is to practice whenever possible. School assignments are great ways to research material and practice using technology on the Internet.

How to keep motivation high in summer

That old saying comes to mind, Practice makes Perfect! Students always should continue with a summer plan with a study routine. Perhaps a small schedule toward a particular area in need of practice. Excellence comes from perfection.

Preparing for the new school year

Review, practice, and evaluate with tests. Get together with friends to form a group study, and possibly hire a tutor to help. This will be the most strategic way to prepare for the new school year ahead.

My Teaching Style

Many parents ask about textbooks for their children. I like to use a variety of methods when I teach like textbooks and workbooks in the given subjects. After interviewing the parents and children about the learning needs, I then put together a variety of work material to teach. My goal/objectives are to identify the exact areas to teach because each child is unique in their learning styles. The evaluations I make after the interview will help me put together the perfect curriculum for tutoring.

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