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David M.'s Resources


Online Tutoring Format i.e. Audio-Visual Remote

I continue to be very interested in utilizing an online tutoring format with camera, mic, etc. Because this is now provided by WyzAnt, this is somewhat of a moot point: I am very impressed by the WyzAnt Online format, and am looking forward to tutoring as often as possible with this unique tutoring interface, a true marvel of the age in which we live! More power to all that WyzAnt staff is... read more


Helpful Tips For A Busy Tutoring Week

The WyzAnt Staff invited me to share my moderately successful tutoring schedule, after arriving at 50 hours: I will be happy to share a few ideas that I have found helpful, noting however, that I still need to put into action many of WyzAnt's great ideas to promote my "shingle"! What I have found to be helpful and practical are as follows: 1. Check the "Tutoring Jobs"... read more


What Percent of Tutoring Is Through Wyzant

Because WyzAnt has invested a lot in making it easy for tutoring clients to make payments, I find that it guarantees payment for tutoring time in a seamless manner, whereas there is always a glitch of some kind in "collections" otherwise. I prefer the WyzAnt website because it is obvious that WyzAnt staff is committed to making the WyzAnt website very dynamic, with its many helpful... read more


"Save As Draft" Response

Several times I have had to leave a closing report prior to completion, only to return and start over: being able to save a draft would be very helpful. [That would apply to Wyzant e-mails as well, thanks.] Thank you, David M. PS Also, if I may, I think a "booking" calendar would be very helpful, i.e. similar to an Outlook Planner, unless it is already there, and I haven't... read more