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I have been asked by parents, “Do you know everything my child will need to know for this class?” I’ll be honest, the short answer is no. Even the best tutors do not know everything every student could possibly need to know. Does that mean that tutors who teach math can’t teach English and vice versa. Absolutely not. Things to look for in a good tutor include one who can use resources to find the answers needed to help your student learn. As a teacher, I am always on the lookout for new resources to help me master concepts so that I am better equipped to pass that knowledge onto my students. When I come across a concept I am either out of practice with, or unfamiliar with, I use the tools and resources I've collected to learn the concept. In addition to using my collected resources, I use a strategy I like to call “Teach me.” Students usually have some knowledge about the concept they think they don’t completely understand. I will ask a student to teach me what they can... read more

Massachusetts Specific Resources: · · · · · Individuals with Disabilities Education Act: · · · General Learning Disabilities Information: · · · · · · ADHD/ADD: · · · · Dyslexia: · · www... read more

· Pre-Reading Strategies:       -Question yourself:               § What is the topic?               § What do you already know?               § What has already happened?               § What do you think will happen?      -Read headings:               § What do you already know about the headings?               § Turn headings into questions to be answered.                      · What is...?                      · Who is...?                      ·... read more

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