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Tutoring students evolved when parents contacted me with concerns that their motivated child I once had in class seemed disinterested in school. My students were Special Ed and the feedback from parents while they were in my class was positive but usually the most important change in their child had to do with interest and motivation stemming from the academic success they finally had. When I spoke with the child we came to realize the missing piece, the lack of visual proof that their hard work was paying off. Using Dibels Next is one assessment that allows a child to see their individual progress weekly. It's a wonderful way to show parents and students that progress is evident, even if it's just a small amount. Research A History of Research Validates DIBELS Next No other assessment system offers the depth of research that DIBELS does. Over the years, DIBELS has been rigorously studied—the results are clear: DIBELS is a valid measure to predict reading success... read more

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