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The Fundamentals of Computer Programming

My philosophy on teaching computer programming stems from my first college computer science course, "The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs". It was taught in Scheme, a language that is mainly for learning programming and generally not for software development. It wasn't the language that mattered, but rather the concepts of programming that were taught through the... read more


One Style Does Not Fit All

Teaching courses at the college level has taught me that one teaching style does not fit all students. In a college course environment, however, an instructor cannot always stop in the middle of a class to re-frame a lesson to suit the students who just aren't getting the topic. With one-on-one tutoring or even small group tutoring, a tutor has the opportunity to present a topic, check if the... read more


When Failure is a Good Thing

Why would failure ever be a good thing? Well, in computer programming, failure can mean that you have done a good job testing your code and you have found a bug. Finding a bug during testing means that you can fix your bug before you submit your project or assignment to your boss or your teacher. In the process of fixing the bug, you might realize how to improve other parts of the code as well... read more