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We are now in the first week of January and the snow is beautiful and white. The snow reminds us that, just like a blank page, a whole fresh new year is ahead of us and many opportunities are just waiting. If the first semester of school did not go as well as you had hoped, there are many chances before you that can used to improve your grades. If you know that you will need help to achieve... read more

Fall is here, and fall sports are in full swing! Football, soccer, cross country and tennis are some of the sports we are watching. The athletes are ready and show their skills on the field. Game day is the day for which months of work have prepared them. Coaches, too have been part of the preparation process. SAT and ACT tests are coming, too, for some of you and you need to be ready for the... read more

Well, the beginning of school is almost here and everyone will look good in their new clothes and shoes. Some people will have designer jeans and some will have that accessory, like a new bag or piece of jewelry that is in style, that will set them apart. What will set you apart as a student this year? Will your summer preparation give you that extra edge when classes begin? Will your great... read more

Well, it is halfway through the summer and I bet there are a lot of good stories out there, just waiting to be told, about what you have done in the last six weeks. Last week, it was almost too hot to be out, so it was good to find something to do that kept you cool and that was in the shade. Journaling is a good activity on any day. It helps you recall good memories, work out bad ones and... read more

One of the many benefits of homeschooling is that as long as you have your required school days done, you can take a trip whenever you like! That means you can avoid the long lines of summer at the local attraction and ski in the middle of winter. You can do a midnight field trip in astronomy or go backpacking in the fall, when the leaves are at peak. You have all your options, but if you decide... read more

There is nothing quite as enjoyable as reading a research paper that is beautifully formatted, spelling and grammar checked, and that has accessible ideas. When a teacher has to read a mountain of papers, it is refreshing to find a paper that the thoughts are clearly articulated and they are in reasonably sized paragraphs. I promise that the teacher will be so delighted that you will easily... read more

Summer is a great time for relaxing, but it is a great time to assess your school skills, so that you can be prepared for the fall. One way is to find some books that you would enjoy reading. You could check them out of the library, buy them for your Kindle, or get them from the book store. Another idea is to play games, especially word or vocabulary games. Challenge yourself!