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Hello, to all of my friends in Tutorville! As summer approaches, the last thing you probably want to think about is practicing your writing skills. But I have some awesome advice. More importantly, it is free, and it is fun! Have you ever heard of fan fiction? No? Google it. Seriously. On a fan fiction website you can write your own version of, or a sequel to, your favorite story, be it Twilight or The Hunger Games. You will be just like a famous writer! Unfortunately, you won’t get paid. But you will get practice! The stories have ratings just like movies, so if you are underage check with your folks on what is appropriate. But other than that, fan fiction is a spectacular way to exercise your writing muscles. You write your story in installments. That's the same way Tolkien wrote The Lord of the Rings. As you finish each chapter, you upload it onto the website for people like you and I to enjoy. The best part is they will send you reviews. Sometimes it will be things like,... read more

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