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My newest Venture in the Educational world, is becoming a Substitute Teacher.  Now I will be able to not only Tutor, but I will be able to take-over a class, when the regular teacher is absent.  I am so excited about this newest venture in my life, as well as still Tutoring with WYZANT's clients.     I have learned a bit of wisdom; from my own Parents, to my very wise Grandparents, etc.  Although, these great people are no longer with us anymore, the wisdom I gained while they were on this Earth, surpasses a lot of the knowledge used in today's society.   Technical gains are very prominent in our World today.  However, this can only go so far, and that's when we must look back to the wisdom of our forefathers.  I am excited about the strides we have made as a Country.   On the same note,  I feel there is a whole lot more work that has to be done; if we are to be most competitive, and... read more

Hello Potential Student, I love my job as a Tutor. Although I retired from the medical filed, I use my time very usefully. Tutoring is just one of my endeavors into the world of "CAN I BE OF ANY HELP"? I have raised 4 of my own children and helped raise our Grandchildren as well. I love a good challenge, and Tutoring brings that above board straight-away! Please allow me to come into your place of study and work with you or your child in Homeschooling or any other subjects that I am qualified and certified to Tutor! You set the hours with me and the days of the week; then we will be ready to go. Oh! Don't forget to work out a payment plan with WyzAnt, and my fees may be negotiable!! Ready? Set? Let's Go! Dr. Doreen D.

Hi Friends: Although retired from the medical field, I am qualified in several different subjects and I have gone through many certification processes to do so. At this stage in my life being a Tutor is so rewarding. Tutoring not only benefits the student but the Tutor as well. Learning is a daily process, and if we learn to focus on what our goals are day by day, then and then only, will we begin to accomplish them. I am prepared to Tutor your children, grandchildren and actually, children of all ages! My experience is in various fields and here is a list of subjects that I am qualified and certified to Tutor you, or your child in... * Reading: Comprehension * Nutrition: Naturopathy-Medical Science, Licensed, ND., Ph.D. * Test Prep: Cosmetology- Licensed with the Florida State Board), also SAT, FCAT, ACT's. * Grammer: Proper rules and formations in speaking and writing. If you have a child of Elementary School age that needs help over the summer months,... read more

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