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Distinguish between loudness and intensity of sound. (answer)

In other words, intensity is how strong your sound meter reads that a sound is, loudness is how strong your ear perceives it is. They're quite different scales, because your nervous system tries to take in much more range for signals than a simple, linear detector would be able to, using mechanisms...


Optimization Problems (answer)

So Shreya, Once you set this up as a math problem you're halfway to the answer. Let "x" be the distance cut off for the piece you're going to bend into a square. Then the piece bent into a circle is what length? Now write the an expression for the sum of the areas covered by the...


chemistry acid and base (answer)

Qing, This is a standard acid/base problem. You need to 1) add up all the acetate ion concentrations (as initially dissolved, before anything else reacts with them!) 2) Recognize that acetate is the conjugate base for acetic acid; some of the acetate will pick up protons from the water...


Static and Sliding Friction -- Are you safe?

A popular book of physics puzzles (Mad About Physics, Jargodski & Potter, 2001) states that if a car rolling down a slippery ramp locks its rear wheels only (while not braking the front wheels) it will turn 180° to slide down rear first. The reason given is that because the front wheels are in “static friction” with the surface (because they are rolling, not sliding), they have a greater... read more


phy (force) (answer)

Chan, This shouldn't be all that hard. Start with the bucket: the cord is under a tension, which is decomposable into vertical (counteracts gravity = mg on bucket) and horizontal components. Figure the horizontal piece based on trigonometry and the vertical force, then figure the resultant...


Synthetic Division (answer)

Tracey, it looks like you are being asked to factor this expression into a sum or product of simpler terms, using "synthetic division". Synthetic division is the process by which you go testing for possible factors (factors with integer coefficients). But first here, you should notice...


Explain how an employee on a differential pay schedule should get paid (answer)

Faye, A differential pay schedule means that an employee can work for portions of time during a pay period, and be paid different wages/hour for each of those portions. The wages due for each of the types of work are separately calculated (#hours x rate/hr.), and then all the wage amounts...


what is happening in chemical reactions at a molecular level ? (answer)

Jasmine, In general, for two molecules to react, they must collide, in the right orientation, and with sufficient kinetic energy to overcome their natural electron cloud protection. So, here come two molecules, and bash into each other, hard; their electron clouds sense each other as they...



Now, now. Neveen, your question is a little disorganized ("Upon you car is missing"?). Your teacher is just looking for something of the form of "Ask why car is gone", (Do applicable background research: whatever! Could you simply have forgotten where you parked it?),...


Trigonometry (answer)

Kayla, When you submit a problem, you'd be doing everyone a favor if you would parenthesize your expressions, since you can't write them as fractions. I'm guessing that you mean (tanU-1)/(tanU +1) = (1-cotU)/(1+cotU) ?? if so, rephrase the relationships in terms of x and y lengths...


independant and dependant events in probablity (answer)

Samantha, Independent and dependent (note spelling ;) refer to relationships between events. Strictly speaking, only a single event can be neither! But, if you are considering two random events, each event (outcome, in Probability language) was independent of the other. Neither one contributed...


Which force is the ramp supporting the car (answer)

Hailey, Probably nobody's answered this for you yet, because the data and question are both a little unclear! Is the car rolling down a (stationary) ramp, or is the ramp rolling (for reasons best known to it!)? And, if the car is rolling, is it rolling freely (without interference by power...

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