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Hello everyone, and especially those not so adventurous who have always dreamed of taking up Russian but been scared off by such popular opinion as: «Russian is one of the most difficult languages in the world to learn». Today I've prepared for you a set of general facts about Russian language, which will show you that it is not at all as complicated as it seems and there is absolutely no reason to be intimidated. 1. The Cyrillic Script. Don’t be scared of the Russian alphabet. Yes, it looks different and lots of people starting to learn Russian think it’s going to be the most difficult thing to master. But this is not the case! There are 33 letters to learn and each letter (apart from two silent ones) represents one sound. There are no complicated reading rules, you read what you see! Taking into account the fact that some of the letters are the same as in English, and some are Greek, alphabet learning is not a very daunting task. Most people can read after the first... read more

Hello everyone, Today is officially my first time blogging, and is there really a better subject to write about than something you love the most? Learning languages is one of my biggest passions and pleasures in life. But the start was quite rough. My first English teacher at school used to call me a “slabenkaya” which means ‘weak, not bright’. The grades I would get were not so bright either. I hated the classes, didn’t do my homework and even developed a rare pre-English class "head/stomach/tooth/etc. – ache". But one day everything changed. That was the first day of a school year when we found out we were going to have a new English teacher.  She was bossy, demanding and looked nothing like a typical Russian teacher. She was wearing jeans, sitting on a desk and had a strong American accent. The books were also new: big, bright and didn’t have a single Russian word in them. Even the best students were intimidated so when it was my turn to answer I prepared... read more

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