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There is an old saying;"We see; yet we are blind" Here is one of my favorite examples::Planck's Radiation LAW. I will not publish it here-you can Google its formula. This law led to the development of Quantum Mechanics The law states every pieces of mass living or non living radiates photons and the frequencies of the photons are determined only by the temperature of the person or object (emitter). It is that simple in it's meaning and allows exact calculations of the frequencies/energies of the photons! A practical trivial application: When a thermometer states that you have a 100 Fdegree you feel ill because you are emitting more photons of energy than you are absorbing at 98.6 F and your metabolism is changing in response to whatever caused the illness.

More than most people who do not understand a little bit about algebra would ever guess; so I am going to answer the above question in this blog. Introduction and background My degree is in Engineering Physics and I have always been fascinated by space and astronomy and communications. I was a licensed amateur radio operator at 17 and my amateur radio knowledge of the frequency spectrum coupled with my degree in physics guided me in my investigation into the possibilities of interstellar space communications using simple algebra! So let start with the basic algebra (ten minutes at most). Definitions: x = distance units (meters, miles, kilometers it does not make any difference in algebra as long as one uses consistent units) t = time (seconds, hours, days, years) Velocity = x/t e.g. (x meters/t sec) That is all the algebra you need to know! Here is all the Physics needed: The velocity of light has a special name c which replaces v; therefore... read more

Albert Einstein stated: "When teaching, keep everything as simple as possible, but no simpler!" Moral: When teaching a subject, don't assume what the student knows about any subject; find out first then teach!

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