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SPSS: a Love Letter

<p>Out of all the stats options out there (R, JMP, SAS, Excel, and so many more), I prefer the one I have been using for nearly 10 years: SPSS.  The younger generation may know it as PASW.  Why do I prefer this method over the others?  It is easy to use, but it maintains the integrity of the stats process.  I am not by nature a coder.  SPSS makes it easy to write and edit syntax.  I also find the output easy to read.  Another beautiful aspect of the program is the excellent tutorials available.  If you forget how to do something or become confused when making decisions about which post hoc test to use, the tutorials provide information in some level of detail.  If your school has SPSS available, please take advantage of it.  You can do advanced statistics in a fraction of the time when compared with some other programs.</p>

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