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It is a well known fact that most students don't have school over the summer. As a tutor, that usually spells disaster (unless you have a second, steady job). I personally, work two jobs -- unfortunately, both of them are freelancing jobs (tutor and backstage tech), so I don't really have any work over the summer. You have to keep up motivation, or else you're doomed to failure. Especially because students know that there is less work, so they tend to be more picky on who they choose. There are a few ways that I keep my motivation up over the summer. 1. Adult Students Older students, college kids, and students preparing to take tests are all available during the summer, and are really what tend to keep me afloat. One of my biggest motivators is one of my adult students that I had started working with in April, and now midway through August, she finally feels ready to try to get a better score on the math portion of the General Records Exam. Just in general, working... read more

A brief history of me: So, usually I teach older students -- freshmen in high school through college kids. That's worked out really well for me, during the school year when lots of college students needed help. Unfortunately, it's summer now. My main job working as a backstage tech at the Chandler Center for the Arts had no calls for me to work, so I was dead broke, needing to pay rent and be able to eat. That's when I really started to use my good star rating to my advantage. :) I ended up contacting somewhere around thirty students who asked for tutoring! Right now I tutor six students (seems like more to me xD ) and spend as much time tutoring as I do driving to meet those who I tutor. Anyway! So whilst student 1, student 2, and student 3 needed help in GRE prep, Geometry (HS), and College Anatomy respectively, students 4, 5, and 6 were a bit of a scene change. They needed help with elementary math. So, Fractions: Students 4 and 5 are both girls in the fifth... read more

Well! I just realized that in 2 more hours (one more after today) I will have hit my 50 hours of Tutoring Completed mark! To honor this momentous occasion, I decided to write about my experiences here so far! When I first started out with, I was in a crunch. I had gotten into a scooter crash, and could not walk because my knee and ankle were covered in deep road rash. Since I couldn't walk, I couldn't go to work at my usual job at the Chandler Center for the Arts as a Back Stage Tech. Fortunately, the guys at the CCA understood, and allowed me to take the time off. They also warned me that summers didn't have many calls, and that I should probably find a second job if I wanted to survive the summer. That's where WyzAnt comes in! I found WyzAnt because I applied for their scholarship, hoping that I might be able to get enough Scholarship money to survive the summer. When I learned that it was a tutoring website, I decided to try my hand. The only previous experience... read more

Okay! So, I haven't posted in a while, and it's best to keep updated, right? Well, Spring 2012 semester, I took my first Education class at Chandler-Gilbert Community College. First things first ... they made us get an $85.00 state finger print clearance card that all teachers are REQUIRED to have, and that is valid for six years. If you want to see, let me know before hand. Secondly, they made us all do 30 hours of service learning; that's working in a classroom, with students, under the guidance of the mentor teacher. I did my service learning in a first grade classroom (up to 44 hours now), and I don't know why anyone wouldn't want to be a teacher! I could go on for hours about them, but that's not the point of this post. Thirdly, we had to make an e-portfolio, showing off what we've done. Any questions? Feel free to ask me! ~Katie

One of the things that I have taken an interest in lately has been the differences between schooling ten or twenty years ago compared to schooling now. The main difference is, of course, technology! My boyfriend's geology teacher who has been teaching something like 60 years likes to share a story with his classes; he explains about when he first started teaching (using slide rulers) and how he allowed students to pass around calculators because they were new and expensive. Little did he know that answers could be saved on calculators during tests, so most of his students did... well, better than they should have. The point is that not too long ago, there was no technology to work with, much unlike today. Technology today has changed many aspects of the classroom, the two most prominent being cheating and homework. Everyone has heard about cheating, so I am not going to beat a dead horse. However! Not many people have really taken the time to look at how technology has... read more

Hi! I'm Katie D. and I haven't tutored anyone through this site yet, but I am really excited to get started! In high school, I took honors, advanced placement, and International Baccalaureate classes, I was part of the freshmen orientation comity (LINK Crew) for three years, and I volunteered my time whenever I could. I tutored Rebound students who had failed two or more classes in general math, science, and English for a year and a half until the program lost funding. I am currently attending community college, and I am excited to get back into tutoring. I have a passion for psychology, as well as education and my classes reflect my interests. I have taken or am taking the following courses in college: English 101, Philosophy 101, Psychology 101, Stage Craft (Theater Production) 101, Yoga 101, English 102, Math 151 (College Algebra), Education 221 (Intro To), Psychology 240 (Developmental Psyc), and Psychology 266 (Abnormal Psyc). I love helping other students, and... read more

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