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New ASVAB student!!! I'm so excited!!! The first day was awesome! he's smart actually just need a few brush-up skills but, I enjoy tutoring him. He's fun, I try to make it fun as well, while still learning of course. I look forward to him passing in the future!

My student is so awesome. It just makes me feel good when I can teach and the student understands my methods and technique! Today was great, we made big mucho progress. Today is the day a connection was born! He proved to me he had an understanding of the problem. He's so wise! Great job! You're closer and closer to your dream! I'm proud!

I'm so proud of my student, I give him homework, he does it. He is really beginning to understand the concepts. I have such high hopes for him! Things are going great, and they keep getting better! Keep up the good work my friend!

Had a great 1st day session with a student. He seems to really connect with the subject! I'm proud and excited to have the opportunity in helping to increase his knowledge in the subjects and the opportunity to take part in helping him to reach his career goals! I also reached my short term goal today. I did something positive and I feel great! Life's great!

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