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Reading for new readers can often be challenging and intimidating. To complicate matters further, many of my non-traditional students and parents of young children often ask me how to "teach" reading without simply reading something first and having a student mimic what is read for them. The short answer is: it is definitely possible to teach new readers to become independent readers. The long answer involves complex principles from print awareness, decoding, phonological awareness and phonics, to fluency, vocabulary (both written and oral), comprehension, and even writing. The only way to truly have a new reader learn to read is to develop a highly individualized system customized for each student. It may involve help with the student's sight-words, memory, phonics, and comprehension, among other things. However, the key is the proper amount of independent reading, guidance, and repetition, mixed with making it interactive and fun, so the student does not feel... read more

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