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For our lesson today on English writing and grammar, we are going to look at the difference between who’s and whose. Like other easily confused pairs like it's and its or ensure and insure, these two pesky words often create problems for learners of legal English and native speakers alike. Who’s = who is or who has. The apostrophe tells you that part of a word (the ‘i’ or ‘ha’ is missing). Whose = the possessive form of whom. Let’s look at a few examples of the words in use to better explain: Who’s taking the bar in February? = Who is taking the bar in February? Who’s taken the bar more than once? = Who has taken the bar more than once? Whose jacket is this? = Who does this jacket belong to? In the last example, there is no verb (is or has) and so you don’t use who’s, which always stands for who + a verb.

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