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Why ADHD is Not a Bad Thing

It's so common to hear a lot about the negatives to being diagnosed as having ADD/ADHD, but given that this kind of brain has been around for as long as people have, doesn't it seem odd that so many people throughout history have thrived with the condition? In fact, there are many who will point to some of the most brilliant people in history and see ADD in them. My ADD was not diagnosed... read more


I'm a Word Dynamo! Are you?

While looking up a word on today, I discovered they have a new site called Word Dynamo! Intrigued, I took their quiz. Then I took another. And another. Until I reached the highest level they currently have, granting me the title of Word Dynamo. So why is this of any interest? Because it turns out that this site is a terrific way to not just test your own vocabulary skills, but... read more