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Hello Phoenix!   I am happy to be back to the desert- I would never thought I'd say that but there, I said it.   Yes, friends and students will be missed. So will the beaches and weather but not much else :(   Adios California, I will visit you again someday!   Luz L

Time to brag again, yeah! It has been a great year in LA for me, well, almost a year...I would say my job as a nutritionist has got to be the most fun I ever had, if it wasn't for the fun and satisfaction I get from tutoring. Having the opportunity to make a living doing the things I love makes me very happy, and I am SO grateful for it. I want to thank WyzAnt Tutoring for this wonderful referral site they built for us tutors and teachers who love to teach and coach. And share. And learn. To my students: Thank you for your trust and the opportunity to help you. I enjoyed every moment. Happy Holidays to all! Cheers :) Luz L.

Greetings! Having an awesome time here in California, and loving it at WyzAnt even more. Just received a great review from a student, and feeling like a million bucks! Big grin :) Do you relate to that? Being able to see the improvements someone makes because of the advice or guidance you offered...It's got to be the BOMB, as my daughter would put it. But, to get an awesome public review it's amazing. It only makes me want to work harder and improve myself in the process, to continue to be the best at what I love doing. That's all I gotta say bout' that... Adios, L

Hello everyone! My name is Luz (pronounced loose- I know, huh) and fairly new to Los Angeles. I moved here from Mesa, Arizona last March where I was teaching Spanish at a private school. I like it here and do NOT miss the Arizona heat! I am an avid hiker so I can't wait to explore California mountains. But I do miss friends and all my great students :( though I am starting to meet some new ones here, teaching freelance via WyzAnt and I hope to get busier as the months go by. Saludos a todos and hope to stay in touch via this blog with students and fellow tutors. Luz L. Spanish tutor in Los Angeles.

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