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This blog applies to any entrance exam ranging from the ACT to financial tests. I have found that there are 2 areas of concern when helping people. The first is subject matter. The second is test taking skills. There are various ways to understand the material. You may just have to memorize data over and over until you can recall it; sometimes, you may have to apply the knowledge to a certain topic or paper. Once you have the knowledge, there are various skills you can utilize in taking the exam. I will go over these with you when we meet.

The great thing about algebra multiple choice questions is that there is only 1 right answer and it is given to you as a choice. Sometimes though, we can get confused when we see x, y, z in a math problem. If we can apply a past concept, action, or behavior to it, then it can make the problem much easier to answer. For ex, if we see this problem: 2x - 12 = 4, then x = ? Make x represent something that you enjoy doing or a hobby. In this case, we can say x = # of comic books. Now, it is more interesting and personalized because you applied an activity or collection that you enjoy... If it is a multiple choice problem, then you may not even have to do the algebra! a: 2 b: 4 c: 8 d: 10 Just pick each # to see if it will equal 4. If we take 8 comic books, then we can get the right answer. You can use this idea for more challenging problems.

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