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Ten Tips to Improve Your Child's Grade in Mathematics

There is no substitute for learning the subject well for getting better grades. But I have seen many students struggling with math in spite of learning the subject. Here are 10 tips for those students for improving their grade in mathematics. They are based on my experience in tutoring many kids struggling in mathematics. -Avoid careless mistakes Examples are reading question incorrectly, mistakes in copying the problem, and switching signs during calculations. -Avoid performing calculations in your mind In early years, the calculations are easy and can be done in mind to improve speed. But as the calculations get complex in middle school and high school, if you do not use pencil and paper and calculator, the chances are that you will make mistakes in calculations and get the answer wrong. -Do not skip writing steps With some children, there is high chance that they will make mistake when they try to skip writing the steps on answer sheet. -Try to... read more

Parental Responsibility

Parents need to play an active role in their child’s education and future. Higher level courses in any subject assume that students know information from the prerequisite courses. Thus it is important for your child to know the basic concepts well from the elementary school courses before he or she can take higher level courses and succeed in middle school. Same logic applies to courses in middle school, high school, and college. So parents need to be constantly watching their children throughout their school years. Early intervention is crucial to your child's academic success. As a parent, you need to check your child’s homework and grades from time to time and act if you see your child struggling. Most of the schools give online access to parents for data about their children. It is important to get login id and password from school office at the beginning of the school year and keep on top of your child’s homework assignments, grades, attendance and teacher comments... read more

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