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The best time to start preparing for the tests is to start as early as possible. One of the reasons people go to school is to go through a psychosocial development. In school, people learn to ask questions, to seek attention from a teacher, to communicate with peers, and the list is endless. As this psychosocial development occurs, it is very important to train memory and cognitive skills. Tutors and teachers are there to help you.

The ELAs are coming. Is your child ready? Well, if your child was not practicing reading, vocabulary and math for a few hours per week, there is a great chance that you need a tutor to explain the subject curriculum one more time. As the time goes by, the memory fades away. My students play games that help to train their memory, speed and attention. Education is a year long (including summer time) process that is built up by understanding simple things that will help your child to gain a better knowledge and understanding of next grade math, language, and other subjects. Please do not procrastinate! Alexei M.

I think is doing a great job bringing together students and tutors. Even though some tutors charge up to $70/hour and higher, it is hard to see my qualifications until you try. Therefore, I charge $25/hour so that the potential students would try me out and see how good I am on the background of professors and teachers. I am trying to bring affordable tutorials to my students for them to know that good tutors are not the most expensive ones.

I am originally from Russia and living in USA for 17 years. Currently, I have college degrees from both countries. This is just to say that I am fluent in Russian, English and other subjects as well like, psychology, computer literate, Microsoft Office, microbiology and more. I am willing to tutor anyone who needs help in the subjects above. As the time goes by, I will add more subjects to the certified list. Some people are good test takers and some are not. If you chose me as your tutor, I will do a great job to make sure that your grades go up. There is a test taking strategy that I was taught in college.

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