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How to Learn Math (the Right Way) Ok, if you've found yourself here, then you are probably confused, desperate, and frustrated. You're wondering why you are not successful in math when others are. You've been traumatized with repeated failures when less intelligent people manage to coast by. Maybe you are in a situation where you are returning to education after a long absence, or you need to pass a placement exam or test for work or you simply need to pass the next test. In any event, you are scared to death and searching on the internet for some help. I can't promise you that you've found help here, but I can promise you that there is nothing wrong with you and that your math phobia is just that, a phobia. It's something you need to get over....put the past behind you and start fresh. It can be done (really). 1. Give yourself time! If you are taking the GRE for example, give yourself plenty of time to study. You may think that a month sounds like a long... read more

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