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Reading is the foundation for all learning. Whatever we want to learn, we need to be able to read. We read instructions in a manual, recipes for cooking, road signs, labels, Math, Science, History, Music, Art, documents for car and house purchases, banking terms and the list goes on. How do we learn to read? Do we need to be taught how to read or do we just listen to a person read and be able to get it, without learning the sounds and blends? I think it takes both. First of all, a child does not know that there are short vowel and long vowel sounds, the ‘ph’ has an ‘f’ sound and ‘g’ and ‘c’ has soft and hard sounds. ‘g’ can sound like a ‘j’ as in ‘cage’ and ‘c’ can sound like a ‘k’ or ‘s’. There are so many digraphs, trigraphs and diphthongs and words that do not follow any particular rule, like ‘what’ does not following the short ‘a’ rule, and ‘where’ and ‘here’ sounds different yet they are spelt ending in ‘ere’. Words like that has to be taught. I would say that for... read more

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