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Zero for 20-plus solicitations at WyzAnt!

I've had only one response to my 30+ answers to specific solicitations for tutoring help in Statistics, Biostatistics, Algebra, and Biology since coming to WyzAnt. And that person decided to allow their son to engage a student-peer as a study-partner rather than come to me for help via WyzAnt despite specifically soliciting that help here in the first place. I am beginning to think the WyzAnt business-model is terminally flawed. What do you think? Have you had success in soliciting tutoring engagements where I've failed? What is your trick? Are there more effective "letters of introduction" out there than mine? Tell us what you think. Tell us about your success in marketing your tutoring skills via WyzAnt since I have none to contribute of my own! TV

Is WyzAnt helping students and tutors actually connect?

Or are they just too new to the marketplace, too busy building a platform that makes it appear to be that way, to realize that students and tutors are not connecting? I am busily reaching out via customize introductions, vigorously and enthusiastically seeking to build a viable tutoring clientele. Yet my response rate here at WyzAnt is well under 1%; and my "back-end fulfillment" rate is exactly 0.0%! Too few students seem to be willing, able, or perhaps even aware that they have to make billing arrangements before we can connect as tutor and student. This is not an indication of my greed, but a platform requirement by WyzAnt, and frankly the critical aspect of their business-plan that I approved of originally. That is, taking on the administrative aspect of tutoring, allowing tutors to do what they do best; form healthy student-teacher relationships based on mutual trust via teaching excellence and extensive domain expertise. So, what do you think, all... read more

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