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Learning Adobe Flash: Creating a Basic Motion Tween I) Drawing the graphic: A) Graphic Symbol: Draw something simple on the stage, and convert it into a graphic symbol. If you do not know how to create a graphic symbol then take the following three steps: 1) Select what you have created (make certain that you select ALL PARTS of the object and that you leave nothing out). 2) Go to the Modify menu and select Convert To Symbol. 3) Provide a name, select Graphic, and then click okay. B) Layers: Keep this important fact in mind—If you wish to use motion tweens in your animation, you may only use ONE OBJECT PER LAYER, and that object MUST be a SYMBOL. Since you have only drawn one object, then you should be safe. II) Selecting the graphic: A) Select it: Once you have your symbol on the stage, you should notice that it has a blue box around it. Recall that this is because it is a symbol, and for the duration of this exercise please be careful... read more

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