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There is roughly three more weeks left of school. Is your child prepared for the next grade they will enter?   If your child is struggling with any part of the curriculum, why not give them an advantage? Start tutoring for the summer or part of the summer. Tutoring sessions can be as little as two hours a week. Keep your child in tune and ready for the next school year.   Just because it's 'summer school' doesn't mean it can't be fun! Fun is how students learn best. If they are not having fun with it, or they are  not interest in the subject, I make it fun.   Contact me to set up a free consultation.     Creative Education Janice B.

A new school year is upon us. With so many changes in the education system it is no wonder there is more of a need for tutors each year. There is so much that teachers have to cram into each day, with little time to actually delve deeply into each subject matter. Each part of the curriculum is only taught at a surface level, with just the basics being taught. There is no in depth how and why being taught. The why and how is what the students need in order to fully understand what they are being taught and supposed to be learning. Tutoring is a way to help get students that extra that they need in order to understand the subject matter being presented to them. That is what I am here for. I can help to give your child that deeper understanding of the subject matter. I have a diverse way of teaching students. For instance, students needing better understanding in fractions and measurements can be taught using cooking or building methods. There are so many ways that children learn... read more

"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire." (William Butler Yeats) I am new to I am a recent Johnson State College graduate. I majored in Elementary Education with a concentration in math. I recently completed my second practicum at Georgia Elementary School with a classroom of 20 4th grade students. Before that I completed my first practicum at Jericho Elementary School with a classroom of 13 2nd grade students. I currently substitute at the Georgia Elementary and Middle School, as well as, tutor three 4th grade students, two days per week, in math and occasionally in other subjects. I thoroughly enjoy working with k-6 students, their curiosity and enthusiasm are amazing and exhilarating. I welcome the chance to create a spark and light a fire of enjoyment and curiosity to your child's learning experience. Janice B.

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