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Maybe it's the subjects I happen to specialize in, but here and there I run across people who seem to slightly misunderstand the distinction between "tutor" and "freelancer." A freelance designer is a creative professional who will use their expertise to produce your visual needs. If you need a new logo/identity for your business, a fresh new website, or an exciting visual campaign, hiring a designer is precisely what you want to do. Designers are trained to represent ideas and entities visually, in the most attractive and effective way possible. It takes years of experience and effort to become a well-qualified designer, so they don't come cheap. A design tutor, on the other hand, will use their design expertise combined with a love of teaching to help educate and enable those who are aspiring to improve their own skills and abilities. It takes patience and a willingness to look at situations through the eyes of the student, so as to guide them... read more

So I've been a tutor on WyzAnt for some time now... and I'm about to start working with a student who's pursuing marketing as a career (as opposed to just design). This student seems to feel that having some design skills will help with a career as a marketing professional. This student is absolutely right. Now that I think about it, I find it surprising this hasn't occurred more often. After all, marketing campaigns usually need to be interpreted visually, so there's clearly a very strong, natural link in the goals of a marketing guru and a design master. The art of consolidation Businesses now-a-days are always looking for areas where they can consolidate with the least amount of sacrifice. We all loath the dreaded "bottom-line"... but it's hard to get your paychecks if your company is running in the red. Like it or not, the financial health of your workplace directly affects the financial health of you. So when times get tough,... read more

Well, had my first lesson through Wyzant the other day. I was definitely a little nervous. Nagging doubts in my mind like "I talked the talk, will I walk the walk?" Well, I felt very relieved afterward. Student was a joy to work and speak with, looking forward to some more sessions down the line. Location was convenient as well. Turns that the both of us work right in the vicinity of the South Station area, so what could be easier than a post-workday session? This situation seemed a bit unique, as the student has a particular project he's working on and needs to finish soon. I must say, nothing is more thrilling than seeing a smile on the face of a student when they've just discovered the precise answer they were hoping to find. You can almost see the words behind their eyes "O.K. That's what I'm talking about." So happy times all around, looking forward to more.

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