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ADD/ADHD - How to teach and how to learn

  I have spent nearly two years working entirely with students that struggled with mild to severe ADD. First, both students with ADD and those who teach them need to be knowledgeable of WHAT ADD is.     A few basics: 1). ADD is NOT simply being easily distracted, or lack of focus. For the student suffering with it, it feels as if there is a mental fog around everything... read more


Succeeding with Asperger's, Autism, or Other Autism Spectrum Disorders

Autism and Autism Spectrum disorders can be incredibly debilitating, but if your reading this you are probably already aware of this. Hopefully this brief post will help you understand and help yourself or the person you are reading this for to become more able in dealing with their unique intake of information.This post will be dealing with mostly milder form of Autistic Spectral Disorders... read more


Acclimating from Homeschool to College

If you are homeschooled you are familiar with the jokes and stereotypes that go along with it. “Oh you’re homeschooled? Do you do your school in Pajama’s?” “Do you have any friends?” “Aren’t you worried about being able to adjust in college?” “You say you’re a straight A student huh. Well I guess I would be to if my mom graded my homework” I was homeschooled from kindergarten all the way through... read more