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Let's use our imagination a bit. Picture yourself in math class (Algebra I to be exact), minding your own business, having fun playing with the axioms (aka rules) of algebra, and then one day your teacher drops this bomb on you: "Expand (x+3)(x-1)" And you might be thinking, "woah now, where did come from?" It makes sense that this would shock... read more

What will life be like 100 years from now? How foolish will we feel for our linear factory style education system? Any 2111 historian will understand our flawed education system was merely the bi-product of industrialization, but surely they will wonder why it took us so long to change. It would be tough to explain to a future human species why we treated our young so poorly. Perhaps there... read more

School aims to prepare us with a tool bag of "useful" skills. Whether it actually does this is a whole different post. But let us say that for sake of an argument, school does manage to bequeath literacy, critical thinking, problem solving, math skills, etc. as tools for students to use. If indeed school does manage to do all these things, I must make an argument here that those skills... read more

The secret to being a great teacher is quite simple. Be a student. The best teachers are not those who believe they know everything, but those that are continually learning. This is because learning affects you in so many positive ways. Teachers that continue to function as students tend to keep their passion for their subject burning within them. As anyone who ever has had a passionate... read more