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Hoping this reaches the inquiry concerning special way of teaching. As a ballet student, I am interested in the methodology of the greatest ballet masters, in this case, of the twentieth century. Reading about 10 of the above, I can confirm my approach to the way I have always taught the subjects required. Only people interested and serious enough about what they want to learn, are capable of understanding that the one and only way to achieve any kind of knowledge is through practice in the right way. It doesn't have to be boring, but it does take effort, patience, consistence, and repetition. Unless you are a natural, get ready to repeat, many, many times what you are aiming to master. If you are not ready for that, you might as well sit back and relax doing something which does not take any effort.

Any time of the year, acquire Spanish language mastery and enjoy talking to Spanish-speaking tourists from the other side of the World. Spaniards do come here and appreciate making friends with Anglo-Saxon Americans, an exciting experience. Let me share this with you. French tourists to Mediterranean beaches in Spain gave me a chance to talk with them in French in my twenties. That motivated me even more to go deeper into the language I was then learning in Madrid. It was really a lot of fun. Young people can learn with me how to talk in a way Spaniards will understand, and being so friendly, you will make life-time comrades. Check my profile. Irene R.

A native accent in whatever language you speak will allow others to understand you better and feel more comfortable about your own person too. There is a method whereby you can acquire that mother-tongue way of speaking even though it is not your native language. Placement of sound organs, or organs of fonation, can be learned and practiced till you get to perfection. The subject of phonetics or phonics is quite an important part of a philologist's training. To convey that knowledge to potential students is the work of a devoted educator and a patient one. Though usually considered "a bore" any student brave enough to go into it will feel totally rewarded by his effort.

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